Benefits and functionality 6 advantages of Pochetta:

1. A personalised message


A nice greeting makes everyone smile. ELAGPochetta® allows you to surprise your guests with a personalised message.

2. Enhance your ambience


Impress your guests with a beautiful design or take it one step further by customizing ELAGPochetta® to your liking.

3. Free up time to spend with your guests


ELAGPochetta® simplifies handling and provides a more efficient method of laying the table. Time saved setting the table means, more time for mingling with your guests.

4. Wind resistant


With the silverware and napkin inserted, ELAGPochetta® provides protection against dirt and wind. It doesn't get any simpler.

5. Hygiene


Utilize the ELAGPochetta® to raise the standard of hygiene in your restaurant.

6. Eye catching advertisements


Don't forget, ELAGPochetta® provides you with one of the best possible advertising mediums. Your advertisement is present throughout the entire meal, captivating the customer with its innovative approach.