About us

Want to give your establishment that special touch? Thanks to the innovative ELAGPochetta® concept, you can do that and provide a hygienic and time-saving approach at the same time.

Looking for a new medium for advertising? Well, ELAGPochetta® provides an intelligent and fresh platform for communication. It truly is a smart approach for clever people.

ELAGPochetta® represents a popular, new and modern service concept, well liked for its innovation and quality.

«Your success is our pride»
Robert Elsaesser, owner of the ELAG Group

ELAG was founded in 1956 by Robert Elsaesser senior. In 50 years, the flexible packaging solutions produced by ELAG, have revolutionized the industry. ELAG flexible packagings are utilized all over the world today.

In 1991, the subsidiary ELAG Emballages was founded in the Alsatian Munster. Within 10 years, ELAG was producing there airsickness bags for over 150 airlines. ELAG Emballages then expanded its range with the new product ELAGPochetta® for the gastronomy sector. Since then, more and more restaurateurs have caught on to its aesthetic and practical approach.